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Phase 1 Sold Out!
Phase 2 is on hold.

Phase 2 update

After unsuccessful discussions with the City of Hailey about the next phase of Sunbeam, I have made the decision to indefinitely delay Sunbeam Phase 2. The City of Hailey has refused to allow me to reduce Phase 2 density to a level compatible with Phase 1 and surrounding neighborhoods. Further, the demanded density is so high that it would create parking issues and would even challenge the ability to build a functional single-family house.

Sunbeam Phase 1 has been incredibly well received, and I had hoped to continue the success with Phase 2. The City’s demands would negatively change the character of Sunbeam and all the surrounding neighborhoods in East Hailey, and I am unwilling to build what the City is demanding.

Phase 2 will be delayed until such time as the City administration and City Council are willing to compromise on their high-density demands.

I am extremely proud of how Sunbeam has turned out so far, and I look forward to one day resolving these challenges to continue to make Sunbeam a great addition to the City of Hailey.

I look forward to any questions or comments you may have.

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